MO-TAC Systems

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MO-TAC Systems offers a broad range of training.


Our Courses

Basic  Swat (Missouri Post approved)

Advanced Swat (Missouri Post approved)

Each of the above courses, depending on which course is selected, include:

Instruction in basic shooting techniques with handgun and rifle

Tactical shooting techniques in handgun and rifle

Basic or advanced CQB techniques

Basic or advanced CQB techniques employing live fire with handgun and rifle


Tactical stairway movement

Force on force training

Tactical shield training

Arrest planning

Legal matters

                                                   Enhanced Sniper/Observer

MO-TAC offers a Missouri POST Certified Law Enforcement Sniper/Observer course which provides the officer with the necessary expertise to be a Sniper/Observer. The MO-TAC instructor is an active duty police officer and former USMC sniper and current USMC reserve Sniper. 

Other Courses

Police Tactical Rifle / CQB
Basic Tactical Rappelling
Swat Tactical Shooting


MO-TAC Systems' instructors work together to achieve one goal; to train police officers in SWAT tactics that work in real life situations.

Terry McGinnis - Retired F.B.I. SWAT COMMANDER

Bob Rothrock - Retired Missouri State Hwy Patrol SWAT COMMANDER

Mike Cochran - Former US Army Special Forces DELTA OPERATOR